Advance Classes: The Duology - Remastered Special Edition

Originally released in 2006 & 2007, "Advance Classes: The Mixtape" & "Advance Classes: 2" have now been officially remastered and compiled into one collection - "Advance Classes: The Duology", featuring 6 Bonus songs recorded during the same period of time…


Summer of 2020

G.S. Advance drops a brutal just under 10 minute freestyle dedicated to the summer of 2020.


G.S. Advance "When" [Official Video]

G.S. Advance drops the 14th entry in the new Saturday Surprise series titled  "When".  

Produced by G.S. Advance

Video Shot, Directed, & Edited by G.S. Advance

#IRDT Coming soon.



Vancini's Saturday Surprise #13

G.S. Advance drops the 13th entry in the new Saturday Surprise series titled  "Macadamia" and produced by Sharp Grizwold.