G.S. Advance Reveals New Album Title and Tracklist!

G.S. Advance posts a picture on Instagram of his new album title and tracklist written in a notebook. Also written on the page is a cryptic message next to a drawing of what appears to be a rabbit's head. The…


NaNaNa Video!


New video for "NaNaNa"!
Shot by G.S. Advance & Jus-P.
Edited by G.S. Advance


O'hara's Treachery Video!

New visuals for "O'hara's treachery" off the Absinthe EP. 
Shot by G.S. Advance and Jus-P Directed and Edited by G.S. Advance

Painting based on "Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk".

G.S. Advance is honored to have received this one of a kind painting from artist Scott Burton, based on the song "Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk" off the Absinthe EP. The painting includes lyrics from the