G.S. Advance is a Recording Artist/Producer coming out of Queens, NY. His prolific and original approach to both production and lyrics is a breath of fresh air in today's current climate of cookie cutter music. As both a solo artist and a member of the NYC Hip Hop collective Broken Home, G.S. Advance continues to push musical boundaries and fascinate listeners. His debut solo EP "Absinthe" dropped on 6/17/2017 everywhere.  


In Junior High School, G.S. Advance began his musical path as a DJ, when a family friend gave him his first mixer paired with two belt-driven turntables. Being influenced by the music he was spinning, G.S. Advance eventually started writing his own rap lyrics. It wasn't long before it became apparent that he had a natural talent for the craft.



Honing his skills in freestyle battles and talent showcases, G.S. Advance quickly began to separate himself from the majority of other people trying to rap due to his powerful command of language, emotion, and diverse range of flows. Due to a yearning to fully express himself without limitations, G.S. Advance began to take on another role; that of a producer. Dubbing himself the "Ninja Cyborg", G.S. ADVANCE sets himself apart as a rare recording artist and producer that is incredibly talented in both fields. 

G.S. Advance is currently working on a new project set to drop early 2019.